loving this summer

I was fortunate enough to spend last week traveling around New England with friends and family, seeing concerts and exploring different locales. It seems appropriate that we made time to stop in to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston to check out “Summer of Love: Photography and Graphic Design”!





“Summer of Love: Photography and Graphic Design” only takes up one room, but the space is filled with posters, album covers, and photographs all from (and inspired by) the Haight-Ashbury counter-culture scene. It’s hard to believe this work is 50 years old! I loved this show. The bright colors and the bold images really appeal to me (which shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who is familiar with my paintings), and since I’m a huge fan of music, it makes me happy that album covers and concert posters are being celebrated as art.










By the way, whoever decided where “Summer of Love: Photography and Graphic Design” was to be set up in the museum is a genius: the room you walk through to get to the Edward and Nancy Roberts Family Gallery contains art and artifacts from the Americas…and quite a bit of the work on display is musical (and psychedelic) in nature! Check out some of these instruments…











…and how about this piece?



So, if you find yourself in Boston sometime soon, stop in to the MFA for a couple of hours…you never know what connections you might make! “Summer of Love: Photography and Graphic Design” runs through October 22nd.


inspiration is everywhere

If you find yourself in the Boston area sometime soon (like I did this past weekend), please take the time to visit the Museum of Fine Arts! There are a ton of wonderful exhibits on display at the MFA right now, but the one that made me get there in a timely fashion is called Inspiration Is Everywhere: Matisse In The Studio. 




Inspiration Is Everywhere: Matisse In The Studio features original paintings, drawings, sculptures, and paper cut-outs sharing space with some of the actual objects you see depicted in those works of art. For example, here is a pewter jug that Matisse kept in his studio…




…and here is Odalisque, Blue Harmony, featuring said jug…

odalisque, blue harmony


…as well as Purple Robe and Anemones!



Here is a window screen that was hanging in Matisse’s studio…



…and here is The Moorish Screen!

moorish screen



Here’s Interior With Egyptian Curtain…

interior with egyptian curtain


…and there’s the curtain itself!



I love the concept behind this show, and I think the quote that greets visitors as they walk in sums things up rather nicely: “My life is between the walls of my studio.”




Inspiration Is Everywhere: Matisse In The Studio runs through July 9th. Catch it while you can…and get inspired!