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Local Authors

Juvenile Books

Books in the Curtis Collection by Charlotte Agell Click for a list of titles and availability
Martha to the rescue : a true story about saving Valerie, the famous chicken Janet Gates Bonney, illustrated by Dawn Peterson
The tangled loon Virginia Cassarino-Brown, illustrated by Dawn Leem
An Allagash haunting : the story of Emile Camile Tim Caverly, illustrations by Franklin Manzo
Misadventures in Filgersville Michael Colbert
The Wilding house mystery Barbara Schestopol Craig
Books in the Curtis Collection by Kate Egan Click for a list of titles and availability
Charlie who couldn’t say his name Davene Fahy illustrated by Carol Inouye
Ziggy Wants to Know… Where’s Chippy? A Story of True Friendship Michael Gorzka
Leroy the lobster and Crabby crab Edward Harriman
Come with me to the sea Doris Anne Holman
Harry, the great blue heron Doris Anne Holman
How the Elephant Got His Name written by Petra Houmann Howe, illustrated by Judy Segal
The sunflower promise Margaret Hutchins illustrator, Rinko Kasai Hutchins
The who surprise Margaret Hutchins illustrator, Rinko Kasai Hutchins
Cross my heart Haley Johnson
Betsy: Girl Scout of Woodward Center, 1935 Lyn McKenzie
Sharing one, two, flea Susan Olcott
Books in the Curtis Collection by Maria Padian Click for a list of titles and availability
A True knight Barrett Parker, illustrations by Middy Thomas
Allagash river towboat : a Maine logging adventure Jack Schneider
Feathered friends having fun all year long Judy Segal, illustrations by the author
On the way north : a mother bear’s troubled trip Marion Jaques Smith, illustrations by the author
Pokey and Timothy of Stonehouse Farm Marion Jacques Smith
The box lady Anne Woodbury

Adult Books

Riding the Tiger Milena Banks
Only one child Brian Bohun Barlow
The WWII Jeep guidebook : buying, owning, and enjoying your WWII Jeep Ren Bernier
Kagnew Station : the sequel to Phu Bai Paul Betit
Phu Bai : a Vietnam War story Paul Betit
As it was in the thirties and forties : with ancestral history Robert N. Biette
Words across a wire Benjamin Brill
Coming home: a Maine mystery Robert M. Chute
Settling in : New Marblehead/Windham, Maine, 1738-1806 Robert M. Chute
Reading nature Robert M. Chute
Constellations : collected story poems, 1970-2003 Robert M. Chute introduction, X. J. Kennedy
Wildness within walking distance : Poland Spring, Maine Robert M. Chute
Maine seasons in picture & verse poetry by H.R. Course, photogaphy by John H. Schwartz
After the war H.R. Coursen, introduction by Howard Nemerov
The aeneid : a dramatization H. R. Coursen
Brute neighbors H.R. Coursen
Escape from Amerika H.R. Coursen
The lake H. R. Coursen
Pagan songs : new poems H.R. Coursen
Recall : new & collected poems, 1967-2008 H.R. Coursen
Storm warnings : a 21st century novel H.R. Coursen
The maze beyond the garden Janusz Czubakowski
The orchard by the sea Janusz Czubakowski
Luck &amp duty : a memoir Robert S. Day
Coming home twice : an anthology of verse Margaret Rockwell Finch, Editor, Maine poets society
Please don’t go Eric Dimbleby
Life on the Abbagadasset : memories of boyhood on a Bowdoinham farm Albert A. Dunlap
Challenges Eugene Elcik
Desperation of souls Eugene Elcik
Cyclers : a novel Clayton Farley
What will survive Mark Gartside
Come together right now : organizing stories from a fading empire Bruce K. Gagnon, foreward by Karl Grossman
How to fix a leek : and other food from your farmers’ market Sandra Garson
The last to know Mark Gartside
Father is here…he’s as fat as a pig : postcards from Maine, 1900-1920 Deborah H. Gould
Household : a novel Deborah H. Gould
A Cab to Stonehenge : collected poems Sherry Ballou Hanson
Dis place : a true history of Malaga Island Matt Herrick
Beware of the dog: breaking free of abusive relationships Jean Houghton
Henry James : his life revealed through his letters Alison Johnson
Kitchens of nature’s harvest : recipes Shannon Johnson, Mary Penner and friends, compilers
The view from here : craft, community and the creative process Stuart Kestenbaum
The pea pod Vic Kiddo
Rosie’s lightning Russ Kinne
Beyond the pool : life lessons from a lifetime of swimming R. Neil Laughlin
Lavinia’s shoes Lyn McKenzie
Red right returning : a novel Charles B. McLane
Books, e-books, and AudioBooks in the Curtis Collection by James H. Nelson Click for a list of titles and availability
John McDonald’s Maine trivia : a useful guide to useless information John McDonald, illustrated by Mark Ricketts
Phoenix/Maine Nancy H. Payne
Agreeable friends : contemporary animal poetry Alice Persons, editor
Sandbox camp tales Randy Randall
Books, e-books, and AudioBooks in the Curtis Collection by Richard Rubin Click for a list of titles and availability
From away : a church wife’s tale Barbara Sargent
Beyond : Popham Colony : the first English settlement in New England : a novel R. deVillers Seymour
Hidden world revealed : musings of a Maine naturalist Tom Seymour
Mulberry S.J. Sprague
A presence in Russell County S.J. Sprague
Growing up : limiting adolescence in a world desperate for adults Frank C. Strasburger
Books, e-books, and AudioBooks in the Curtis Collection by Elizabeth Strout Click for a list of titles and availability
Katahdin, the mountain of the people : a Baxter State Park artist residency 2011 Michael E. Vermette
Raising Rufus : a Maine love story Carla Maria Verdino-Süllwold
The whaler’s bride Carla Maria Verdino-Süllwold
The pretty good house : a graphic handbook for 21st century homes Helen Watts
Without my toothbrush & mama’s pies Bonnie Wheeler
Lovewell’s town : from howling wilderness to vacationland in trust Robert C. Williams
The lawns of lobstermen : poems from the Maine Coast and Belgrade Lakes Douglas Woody Woodsum
From Maine and away : an anthology of prose and poetry Write On! a group of People Plus
Finding my road to freedom : from the village of Komarnyky, Ukraine to the town of Brunswick, Maine Leo Wysochansky
Lessons from a golfer : a daughter’s story of opening the heart Susan Lebel Young