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expect the unexpected

Posted by Maria Castellano-Usery on April 6th, 2016

I love seeing art in unexpected places, don’t you? Yes, some of these examples could bring up the whole “is that really art/what is art?” discussion, but for the purposes of this particular blog post, I will consider anything that is visually interesting and generates an authentic reaction from yours truly to be fair game…sound good to you? Okay, then…let’s go!

I was in Harpswell on Monday and this altered street sign gave me a smile:





…and this banana on Forest Avenue in Portland never fails to make sitting in traffic a little more pleasant:





I snapped this picture in Brunswick a couple of years ago, and I still don’t know a thing about this piece. Locals: do you remember seeing this work a while back? Do you know anything about it? Who is the artist? I miss seeing Bob Dylan’s face while I’m heading southbound on Route One/Pleasant Street! Fill me in on the details! 






Sometimes, a well-placed sticker can cause you to do a double-take…




…and sometimes, a well-placed sticker can offer you life advice:




If you like street art of any kind, I have a couple of suggestions for you: 1. Watch the documentary “Exit Through The Gift Shop”! It is a fascinating, entertaining look into the life and the creative process of street artists (plus, it’s available through the very handy inter-library loan!), and 2. Follow Acts of Random Art on Instagram and/or Facebook and/or Twitter! Happy viewing!