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How to get involved

Stephanie Levy

Stephanie Levy

If you are a local (i.e. in the Brunswick-Harpswell mid coast area) artist, photographer, writer, crafter or musician and you would like to showcase what you do on Curtis Creative Spaces, please contact Michael Gorzka at or call 207-725-5242 ext. 218.

You can also use this Contact Form.

If you are the author of an already published book, please send a copy of the cover of the book and at least one chapter from the book.

Michael will develop a calendar of digital shows. He will contact when your work might be included.

The library makes no judgments about any work displayed. However, we do ask that as an artist you consider that the audience using the library website includes families and seniors and that you should choose what you share accordingly.

The library will make decisions about what is displayed if demand is greater than our ability to display.

You will need to provide a brief statement about each work that is promoted – when it was created, media used, brief thoughts about what inspired you.

If you are interested, we can provide space for visitors to make comments about the works being shared.

If you are offering your work for sale, you should include a way to contact you directly. The library will not be responsible for any sales arrangements.

Thank you for your interest in Curtis Creative Spaces!