Sea Dog, See Art

My husband Terry and I were at Sea Dog in Topsham recently for a quick, warm lunch. We were sitting at a tall table in the bar area, and my eye kept being drawn to the art all the way across the restaurant in the back buffet room. We decided to investigate on our way out, and we were both floored by what we saw. I was ooh-ing and aah-ing, and I asked the staff members working the room if they knew anything about the artist. They smiled and said, “Yeah, it’s our manager’s work! Isn’t it awesome?” I took a ton of photos (after asking permission) and made a mental note to reach out for more information. A Facebook message to Sea Dog resulted in an email from the artist himself, Seth Hale. Here’s what he had to say about his work:

“I draw and paint in my free time. I don’t do it for money, just myself. All the paintings that are at Sea Dog – I have given away to the staff for free. I will say they represent about 4 years of work. There are a mix of oils, watercolors and acrylics. I put a lot of planning into the image I paint or draw. I try and use photos I’ve taken or a combo of photos for reference. A lot of the time I’ll overlay pics of graffiti and an image of a woman.”

seth sea dog 5

seth sea dog 1              seth sea dog 3


seth sea dog 4

seth sea dog 6              seth sea dog 2

seth sea dog 7


Seth’s show will only be up for a little while longer (“by Easter”), so if you’d like to see his work in person, don’t delay! You can also follow Seth on Instagram@webster746.

it’s the bomb

On a recent Friday evening, my husband Terry and I found ourselves at Frontier in Brunswick for dinner and drinks. We weren’t planning on going out (it was shaping up to be a leftovers-and-Netflix kind of evening), but I’m so glad we did. Not only was the food at Frontier great (as usual!), but the current exhibit from Bomb Diggity Arts/The Art Department (entitled “Hollywood Magic”) had me up on my feet and snapping pictures before, during, and after our meal. The walls are packed with colorful, fun, pop-culture portraits that will have you smiling and feeling good in no time. I loved this show so much, I even bought a painting! I’m certainly not alone, though: there were red dots all over the place. “Hollywood Magic” runs through the end of April. Be sure to catch it while you can!


nicki minaj

“Nicki Minaj”


princess diana kate middleton, supergirl, hulk hogan, tim allen   

“Princess Diana and Kate Middleton”, “Supergirl”, “Tim Allen”, and “Hulk Hogan”


 b52s jaws knight rider 3 stooges

“B-52s”, “Jaws”, “Knight Rider”, and “The Three Stooges”


cyndi clawper

“Cyndi Clawper”


lady rock star

“Lady Rock Star”: I bought this painting!



in the books

After many late nights and long hours (and a mishap or two), I finally finished my Little Free Library! This was a fun project from start to finish. As you may remember from my previous post, I received my Little Free Library on Monday, February 20th and started drawing my sketch directly onto it on Tuesday, February 21st. Paint pick-up day was Wednesday, February 23rd, and then we were off and running! Here are some photos of the process:


me with Olga @ sherwin williams (joyce)

choosing paint at Sherwin-Williams with Olga Pastuchiv (photo credit: Joyce Schmitt)


lfl wip 1

work in progress


lfl & althea

Althea demanding my attention


cosmo lfl &brushes

Cosmo not wanting to be left out


lfl althea supervising

Althea supervising



Here’s that mishap I was talking about…


lfl wip 2

more progress…


lfl side 2 finished

lfl side 1 finished

lfl front finished

…and finally, the finished product! 


Curtis Memorial Library’s Booked For The Night was on Saturday, March 4th at 7 pm; I turned in my Little Free Library around 2:30 that afternoon…talk about cutting it close!


lfl on display

Here’s my display! (photo credit: Mike Gorzka)


us in front of my little free library

with my husband Terry (photo credit: Mike Gorzka)


Booked For The Night had a fantastic turnout, despite the fact that it was ridiculously cold outside. Kudos to everyone at Curtis Memorial Library for making it a fun and festive evening, complete with good music, tasty food, and even a treasure hunt! If you weren’t able to make it, you can still see some photos of the event here and here. All five of the Little Free Libraries found new homes on Saturday night, and I’m particularly excited about where mine is headed: Crystal Spring Farm! I’m so excited, I even signed up for a CSA!