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a good fit

Posted by Maria Castellano-Usery on February 21st, 2018

In my previous blog post, I focused on art that was currently on display at both Curtis Memorial Library and Topsham Public Library, which got me thinking, “What kind of art might be on display at other area libraries right now?” Well, I paid a visit to the Freeport Community Library and the Patten Free Library in Bath to find out!

The Freeport Community Library has a group show on display right now, but the artwork isn’t hanging on the walls in a separate room, it’s right on top of the bookshelves!


28055845_10214721151998906_1537892610002238750_n        28056552_10214721153118934_7102783283273496876_n

28276729_10214721152918929_89778327355524374_n        27973438_10214721155558995_1579286902219111007_n

28168612_10214721155038982_8319213402357128045_n        28166818_10214721152118909_6625849287544708277_n


Something that Freeport Community Library shares with Curtis Memorial Library is the work of Nantz Comyns, who creates giant, fun, and funky paper mache animals! This moose can be found in Freeport, but you’ll have to go to Brunswick to find this unicorn.


28059305_10214721155118984_6275181124400647960_n        28166419_10214721198120059_8635055629266931694_n


I never knew that the Patten Free Library in Bath had so much artwork by Dahlov Ipcar on display, including a fantastic mural! Patten Free Library’s Carol McFadden took the time to speak with me about Dahlov Ipcar‘s work, as well as her experience interviewing the artist in her studio just a few months before her passing in February 2017. The mural was painted in 1978, and it was originally located in another part of the library, but renovations required it to be taken apart and reinstalled (mostly!) in the main part of the Children’s Room. Due to space considerations, portions had to be broken up and relocated inside cabinets in a nearby area. In case you haven’t seen it, here are some photos!


28167198_10214721155879003_7116561541517866562_n           28168520_10214721155919004_5242336347451113932_n

28056274_10214721156039007_6210360723087600548_n           27973000_10214721155999006_2283683258803830195_n

28058700_10214721157839052_5695848182729316766_n           28167963_10214721157759050_6525765726780968725_n

28279171_10214721155959005_2330211463602975223_n           27973458_10214721156879028_9007604395385377027_n


The more places I visit, the more it becomes clear: art and libraries are a good fit!


cross that bridge when you come to it

Posted by Maria Castellano-Usery on February 7th, 2018

Libraries provide so many different services for the people of their communities, and when you live in an area that has as many creative people as the Brunswick-Topsham region does, it’s wonderful when those services include providing beautiful exhibit spaces for artists of all kinds. Curtis Memorial Library has the Morrell Meeting Room, Topsham Public Library has the Crooker Gallery…and both have great group shows happening right now!

Love Not Hate features paintings, drawings, and fiber art by Spindleworks artists, and it is sure to put a smile on your face. The opening reception is Friday, February 9th from 4pm to 7pm, but if you can’t make it then, the show will be up through the end of February. Here are some photos that will hopefully entice you to pop into the Morrell Meeting Room before the month is over!

27545635_10214596337918632_447154967783109119_n       27540010_10214596336518597_6872123849774501532_n


27657336_10214596334678551_3664548099714886575_n                         27545429_10214596337798629_96458603338116728_n


27545496_10214596336438595_6374471191639898864_n                         27459709_10214596336918607_4702769347210026994_n


The Topsham Public Library’s Joy of Art show is celebrating its tenth year! The opening reception happened on Saturday, January 27th, but the show runs through February 24th, so you can still catch it. The pieces that resonated with me the most in this year’s Joy Of Art were the mixed media works by Natasha Kempers-Cullen and Megan Daigle. Stop in for yourself, and after you do, let me know what your favorites are in the comments section!


27750802_10214596339598674_2553085716258689117_n                         27657984_10214596340238690_4031305207463576129_n


27540268_10214596339558673_688308584465986780_n                      27654470_10214596341438720_193227505399878112_n








warm thoughts

Posted by Maria Castellano-Usery on January 24th, 2018

Winter in Maine can be tough. Having a winter sport or outdoor activity you enjoy can really help you to get through the season, but what can you do on days when it’s too nasty to be snowshoeing or skiing (and you don’t have the time to get out of town)? Visit the library, of course! The weather outside may be grey and cold and wet, but Curtis Memorial Library is always warm and welcoming. For starters, you can dive into books that are set in warmer climates (personally, I love the Tales Of The City series by Armistead Maupin), or you can find poetry that celebrates nature (Curtis Memorial Library has a nice Mary Oliver section), or you can fantasize about taking a trip! Plus, there’s art nearly everywhere you turn, just waiting to treat your eyes to a new, fresh view.

Check out this lovely display by Liz Snowdon currently hanging in the front lobby…

26907775_10214471448476474_2845868421755695754_n     26805079_10214471448796482_7623099518087501771_n

27067862_10214471448996487_4753036790815809538_n       26904403_10214471448636478_1760860529602137872_n

…and the wood relief sculptures on loan from artist Blake Hendrickson…


21687973_10214471450116515_1901639196788956736_n        27067497_10214471450876534_5160476329433793006_n 

19959320_10214471450276519_1344393852436213491_n         27067336_10214471450916535_4797931576837123632_n
… and this print of an original painting by Mary Alice Treworgey…



…and take a gander at the fantastic, fun, and colorful underwater/ocean themed Collaboratory!





What is your favorite thing to do when the weather gets you down? Please share in the comments section!