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get out of town

Posted by Maria on May 18th, 2016

My husband Terry and I were in Claremont, New Hampshire this past weekend to see family and friends. We didn’t know that we’d be seeing some interesting public art as well!

This mural by Phil Montenegro is located on the side of a restaurant called Out Of The Ordinary. The title? “No Ordinary Giant”!




Here’s a cool piece that’s hanging at Revolution Cantina, a Latin American restaurant located on Opera House Square.


My favorite had to be this sculpture by Ernest Montenegro, entitled “ourhandsthenandnow”. The hand shapes that make up this enormous piece were traced by Claremont residents. What a cool way to involve the community in the creative process! I would love to see how this looks all lit up at night…perhaps next time.




I do love a well-placed sticker, so I had to snap a picture of this little bomb.


What is your favorite type of public art? Feel free to share in the comments!




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